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Mash Ki Daal is a famous dish in Pakistan. It is enriched with nutrition and tastes ama...

Recipe by Nadeem
30m 20m 10

Try aromatic and tasty food at home by checking out some delicious recipes and online f...

Recipe by Nadeem
50m 40m 10

Get hold of some delicious and easy to make recipes online. This facility is suitable f...

Recipe by Nadeem
25m 20m 5

MAKHAN MURGHI - Traditional and yummy MAKHAN MURGHI recipe is available at your disposa...

Recipe by Nadeem
50m 45m 5

Murgh Biryani – Treat your taste buds with delicious Murgh Biryani recipe. Prepare it w...

Recipe by Nadeem
60m 40m 7

Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls – Get the mouth watering Chicken and Vegetable Sprin...

Recipe by Nadeem
60m 30m 15

Smokey minced beef – Give some Tarka of spices and taste to your food. Try Smokey mince...

Recipe by Nadeem
55m 33m 3

Surmai Fish Kofta is a famous dish in Pakistan. It is not easy to make Fish Kofta but t...

Recipe by Nadeem
120m 90m 15

Chicken Ginger - Preparing unique recipes at home has become simple. Browse online for ...

Recipe by Nadeem
30m 35m 5

Handi Gosht

Recipe by Nadeem
20m 20m 7

Butter Mash Potatoes Recipe in Urdu is really healthy recipe as traditional cooking rec...

Recipe by Nadeem
10m 15m 2

Chicken and mutton handi are very popular. Now make handi with beef, the recipe is shar...

Recipe by Nadeem
15m 45m 3

Beef when combines with spices, yogurt and lemon juice it makes a perfect treat for eve...

Recipe by Nadeem
30m 25m 3

Follow this recipe and prepare Pallay Pakorian. A guaranteed recipe to pleased the whol...

Recipe by Nadeem
15m 25m 6

Palak Gosht we eat at weddings have a particular taste that is quite different from the...

Recipe by Nadeem
20m 50m 5

Karahi Maghaz is a great healthy food to eat in lunch and dinner with naan or paratha. ...

Recipe by Nadeem
15m 20m 4

Follow this recipe and get a delicious taste of meaty dish with Chicken White Karahi. S...

Recipe by Nadeem
10m 25m 4

Chicken Reshmi Kabab is a combination of mince, cream, yogurt and spices. A perfect sid...

Recipe by Nadeem
20m 25m 5

In this recipe Chef Shireen Anwar is sharing a very simple and easy method for making C...

Recipe by Nadeem
150m 30m 4

Explore a new variety in rice dish. Traditional Chinioti Biryani is prepared with simpl...

Recipe by Nadeem
10m 25m 6

Balochi sujji is very famous in Pakistan because of its unique taste. This is difficult...

Recipe by Nadeem
360m 60m 4

This is a new version of mutton recipe that is prepared with addition of green vegetabl...

Recipe by Nadeem
10m 50m 5

Paye are expensive then other parts of meat so on this Eid don't miss and make this mou...

Recipe by Nadeem
15m 120m 10

Mutton Beliraam gets it name from Chef Beli Ram who created this dish. Very simple and ...

Recipe by Nadeem
10m 40m 3

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